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When was the last time someone in the government gave a crap about anything in their salaries.  How many people are waiting for money from the government.  Every day you wait with and average inflation rate of about 3% over the last couple of years.  You are losing some serious cash money you could be using for your kids college fund.  We want to invest in the future of america not the future of Barack Obama’s salaries.

Another example of the government being selfish.  For several months in many states all the government could agree on was that they would get their salaries.  All these parties.  Screw them we need to come together as one nation and fight for our rights like it’s all we got.  Do you really want to end up like Greece.  What about the illegal immigrants.  They are taking our jobs.  Yes the government is good at wasting money to make jobs.  but what little benefit it had is gone by all these illegal immigrants.

We are sick of the governments ways.  We are sick of their wasting our money.  “We americans once ran a nation.  It was the people as the constitution says who wants those days back.  I am here to stand up for the american people and get those days back for good and for all!

Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog to contact us you may email me at jakesyl@gmail.com.  or comment.  I can assure you with in a week i will have responded and you can be on your way to fight for america



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